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Learn to write Chinese and Japanese Today

No matter if you are a student or a fluent speaker, Hanzi (Chinese characters) & Kanji (Japanese characters) is a great way to brush up on your writing and expand your vocabulary.

Just read the definition and write the matching character, it’s that simple!

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More About Hanzi & Kanji

Unlike phonologic languages such as English, writing Chinese and Japanese requires visual recall which is why even people who are fluent can often struggle.

Hanzi & Kanji helps you by concentrating specifically on writing and recall. With just a few minutes a day, you can drastically improve your writing immediately.

Learn mode in Hanzi & Kanji helps you to learn new sets of characters by introducing them to you over a number of sessions.

Sessions are dynamically generated based on your past performance and you can go back and review past sessions at any

Quiz mode tests how well you have improved and provides feedback on your performance. Pick one or more word lists you want to be tested on, the number of questions and fire way.

Practice mode lets you continously practice writing different characters, just pick one or more word lists and off you go.

Designed for people who are familiar with the language and want to work on writing, the built in Spaced Repetition system zeros in on weak words and produce results immediately.

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